SWAMP – Wetland Assessments

The Slocan Wetland Assessment & Monitoring Project (SWAMP) is a collaborative project between the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society (SLSS), the Slocan River Streamkeepers Society (SRSS) and the Slocan Solutions Society (SSS), working in conjunction with the BC Wildlife Federation. SWAMP’s purpose is to map, assess and monitor existing wetlands in the Slocan Valley Watershed; to prioritize resources; and to share findings in order to inform the protection and restoration activities of associated groups and government agencies.

Bonanza BioBLITZ (2013)

This BioBLITZ provided the foundation for the formulation of SWAMP. The study was conducted at two sites in the Bonanza Corridor, namely Hunter Siding and Bonanza Marsh (now referred to as Snk’Mip Marsh Sanctuary). This BioBlitz was funded by Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and featured specialists in botany, ornithology (birds), entomology (insects), herpetology (amphibians), chiropterology (bats), lepidopterology (butterflies and moths), and limnology (freshwater biology). Details are provided in the following report: Bonanza Bioblitz Report July 2013.

Species at Risk in the Slocan Watershed (SWAMP 2017).

SWAMP reports from previous years are available on the SWAMP Website.