Setting conservation priorities and mapping strategies for the health of the Slocan Lake Watershed is a challenging task. Late in 2016, SLSS embarked on a strategic initiative to develop a working framework for determining and setting those conservation priorities. In February 2017, SLSS and the Kootenay Conservation Program co-hosted a working forum (referred to as the “Slocan Lake Ecosystem Science and Conservation Action Planning Forum”). The forum included over 30 science experts, representatives from local and provincial governments, land managers and water stewards. Click here to see Planning Forum Attendees. The objective of the forum was to think strategically about the future of the Slocan Lake Ecosystem and develop science-based priorities and collaborative action plans for advancing conservation over the next 5 years. A 2-page summary of the results of this planning forum is available at Slocan Lake Watershed Summary Report. For complete details and the full report please go to Slocan Lake Watershed Priority Conservation Actions Summary Report.

As a result of the forum, the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor was clearly identified as a top priority for conservation. The exceptional biological diversity and ecological value of the BBC warrants immediate focus and attention. The ongoing protection of the foreshore, ongoing water monitoring and advocating sustainable forestry practices were also cited as high-priority items. The SLSS Board of Directors continues to refine annual plans and identify projects to sponsor in accordance with these identified priorities.