Foreshore /Riparian

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What are riparian areas? Riparian areas are the portions of land adjacent to water bodies – lakes, wetlands, creeks and rivers – that are influenced by, and have an influence on, the aquatic environment. As transition zones between the terrestrial and the aquatic environment, riparian areas are some of the [...]


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What is iNaturalist? iNaturalist is a global data-sharing application whose primary purpose is to engage a wide range of individuals in observing, learning and recording all kinds of natural life, species and the rich biodiversity that surrounds us. The iNaturalist application continues to receive wide-spread use across Canada and will [...]

Property Owners Tool Kit

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The Kootenay Conservation Program hosts an on-line Stewardship Solutions Toolkit that will inform you about local resources and tools available to you as a resident or property owner in order to assist in your own conservation efforts. The Stewardship Solutions Toolkit is a portal to dozens of Kootenay based services [...]

Invasive Species

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For the ongoing health of our watershed, it is critically important to protect our lakes and land from invasive species that threaten our water and ecosystems. Simple changes to our habits and behaviours can stop the introduction and spread of invasive species. The Slocan Lake Watershed encompasses a pristine lake with [...]

Conservation in the Central Kootenays

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In support of our ongoing work in the Slocan Lake Watershed, SLSS collaborates with a wide range of organizations. We align with the traditional ecological knowledge of First Nations, collaborating on conservation projects and initiatives on a case-by-case basis. SLSS is continually expanding and sharing our knowledge by participating in a [...]

Slocan Watershed

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Click to view the Slocan Lake Watershed Map Click to view the Slocan Lake Watershed – Minor Watershed Map

Conservation Priorities

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Setting conservation priorities and mapping strategies for the health of the Slocan Lake Watershed is a challenging task. Late in 2016, SLSS embarked on a strategic initiative to develop a working framework for determining and setting those conservation priorities. In February 2017, SLSS and the Kootenay Conservation Program co-hosted a [...]

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