Joining the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society (SLSS) means being supportive of, and a part of our watershed stewardship team. As one of the many stewards in the ongoing protection of our natural assets, you join us in valuing good water quality, healthy aquatic ecosystems and habitats in the Slocan Lake Watershed. Show your support for our advocacy work and conservation initiatives by joining us in our efforts. Click here to download SLSS Membership form. Membership fees are only $10* per annum for an individual and $15* per annum for a family. Donations are also gladly accepted.

*In response to the current economic impact of the COVID pandemic, the SLSS Board has agreed to suspend all 2020 memberships fees. We continue to encourage you to join us in support of our ongoing conservation efforts.


We seek volunteers for community events, fund raisers and from time to time, for participation in water monitoring activities. We recognize and value the contributions of all our volunteers. More and more, governments and organizations rely on ‘Citizen Science’ as an effective means to collect raw data about the natural world, while providing those volunteers with the opportunity to collaborate with scientists and conservation communities.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We collect only the minimal amount of data needed for membership records. All such information remains confidential to SLSS. We do not distribute, use or provide membership lists to any external parties. SLSS has the consent of the owners for the use of their photo images on our website and in our promotional material.