Who We Are

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This is a unique lake: Located in Inland Temperate Rainforest of southeastern B.C. About Slocan Lake The only relatively pristine, undeveloped, and undammed major lake remaining in southeastern B.C. The lake runs into the Slocan River, then into the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers.

Stewardship Model

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Our Stewardship Model The following visual representation depicts the four strategic arms of SLSS As you move out from the centre of the model, all the various factors, interactions, knowledge flows and conservation activities that we engage in are presented. Our year-to-year work, projects and initiatives are guided by these [...]

Our Partners

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In the pursuit of its mandate, SLSS relies on a broad range of collaborative partner organizations, government and First Nations for the support and funding needed to conduct our research, sponsor conservation projects and deliver educational programs. Our partnership network continues to expand over time and continues to play a [...]

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