Slocan Integral Forest Coop (SIFCo) produced and funded this beautiful documentary, which is the first in its series promoting the remarkable work being carried out by people in the West Kootenay community.

As a science-driven organization, Slocan Lake Stewardship Society (SLSS) initiates and sponsors a wide range of aquatic, environmental, and wildlife research projects in order to continually expand our understanding and knowledge of all the ecosystems that impact the health of the Slocan Lake Watershed. We openly share this scientific data and information with conservation organizations, government agencies and the public. With this information, in collaboration with supportive funders, we have initiated multiple restoration projects to rehabilitate damaged areas of the watershed.

The educational arm of SLSS delivers hands-on learning and field trips, promoting conservation and stewardship of our natural assets. In our advocacy role, we provide public comment and input into proposed commercial, recreational and other development activities occurring within the boundaries of the Slocan Lake Watershed. Working cooperatively with local, regional and provincial governments we focus on fostering collective responsibility for the health and future of the Slocan Lake Watershed.

This is a unique lake:

  • Located in Inland Temperate Rainforest of southeastern B.C.
  • The only relatively pristine, undeveloped, and undammed major lake remaining in southeastern B.C. The lake runs into the Slocan River, then into the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers.
  • No industrial activity on the lakeshore
  • It’s deep. Fed by mountain creeks, Summit Lake and an icefield. Water quality and clarity continues to be excellent.

Some interesting Statistics:

  • Surface area 69.29 km square. Elevation 535 m. Average depth 171 m. Maximum depth 298 m. Bottom waters are generally 4º C.
  • Lake is oligotrophic; warm monomictic; Secchi readings average 12.3 m; flushing rate is approximately 7 years.
  • 93% of Slocan Lake’s 83 km of shoreline remains unaltered by human impact.
  • Three small villages and two unincorporated communities on the lake.

Nearby Parks (Selkirk Mountains, part of the Columbia Range):

  • Valhalla Wilderness Provincial Park borders west side of Slocan Lake
  • Goat Range Provincial Park to the north east
  • Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park to the east


  • Popular with: kayakers, canoeists, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, wildlife viewers, anglers and sightseers