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SWAMP Project Managers Final Report OCT 2014
The Slocan Wetland Assessment & Monitoring Project (SWAMP) is a collaborative project among Slocan Lake Stewardship Society, Slocan River Streamkeepers Society and the Slocan Lake Research Centre. Its purpose is to map all the wetlands in the Slocan Lake and Valley watershed to identify and prioritize sensitive ecosystems that may require restoration and/or protection.

SWAMP brings together wetland ecology, monitoring and assessment, and spatial analysis to identify, classify, and assess wetland functions and values by achieving four goals:

  1. Identification of wetlands by location and size
  2. Classification of wetland types (including rarity and representation)
  3. Assessment of wetland ecological function, condition and integrity
  4. Expert determination of focal species and habitat values


SWAMP uses a citizen-based approach that utilizes local knowledge and expertise to help identify and map the wetland areas. You can get involved by offering access to wetlands on your property for ground-based assessments or by volunteering to assist in the assessment of wetlands alongside trained stewards. To do so, please contact Richard Johnson at the Slocan Lake Research Centre – richard.slrc@gmail.com ) Thank you.

SWAMP – Phase I

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Slocan Wetlands –  Assessment and Monitoring Project



Project Manager’s Final Report



SWAMP Project Managers Final Report OCT 2014