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Slocan Lake Foreshore Fish & Wildlife Habitat Assessment

The “Slocan Lake Foreshore Fish & Wildlife Habitat Assessment, including Foreshore Inventory and Mapping (FIM) and Aquatic Habitat Index (AHI), prepared by Galena Environmental Ltd., dated May, 2011” is now available for download here. If there are any problems with this download please contact us here or at

The report consists of
1) the main report
2) the Appendices B through E &
3) Appendix A the 23 maps covering the lakeshore. Because the maps are such large files (4-5 MB) they have been post individually.

Body of report without Appendices

Main Report


Appendices without maps

Appendices B through E


The following diagram shows the location of the 23 maps:

Location of Maps on Slocan Lake.

Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 Map 4 Map 5 Map 6 Map 7 Map 8 Map 9 Map 10 Map 11 Map 12 Map 13 Map 14 Map 15 Map 16 Map 17 Map 18 Map 19 Map 20 Map 21 Map 22 Map 23

The lake shoreline is colour coded based upon the Aquatic Habitat Index (AHI) described in the FFWHA report. The maps show the foreshore colours but the coding is a bit obscure. The coding is Red = Very highly sensitive habitat Orange = Highly sensitive habitat White = Moderately sensitive habitat Blue = Low habitat sensitivity Gray = Very low habitat sensitivity

To see the lake segment colours on Google Earth do the following

1. download the file Slocan Lake Segment Data.kmz onto your computer 2. Start Google Earth 3. If the sidebar showing “My places” and “Temporary Places” is not showing, click the icon to display the sidebar. 4. Load the file “Slocan Lake Segment Data.kmz” on to Google Earth and left click the file. Google Earth will move to Slocan Lake If you want to save this on Google Earth, move it to “My Places” if it loaded into “Temporary Places” . Files shown in ‘Temporary Places” get deleted when Google Earth shuts down.