We have a range of research available.  Some of the studies have been commissioned by our society and some are offered by other associations concerned about fresh water quality. Individual Reports Are available for download under the sub- pages “Fish and Wildlife” , “Invasive Species” and “Water Quality


> Cumulative Effects Framework – Silverton Creek, BC – October 15, 2019

> 2008 Slocan Lake Baseline Study:

Our initial study of Slocan Lake water quality.

> Three Year Water Quality Program

The first two years of this program are completed and we are entering our third year. The results of the first year are available by clicking  here “2010 Slocan Lake Preliminary Water Quality Study”

The second year report will be available before May 30, 2012.

• Nearshore Coliform Sampling at 7 sites at Slocan, Silverton, New Denver, Rosebery & Hills.

• Off shore Sampling for physical & chemical components and zooplankton. Monthly sampling from 12 different depths for temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, & total dissolved solids.

> Foreshore Fish and Wildlife Habitat Mapping, including FIM and AHI

Dated May 2011, Available for download on “Fish and Wildlife page or click above.

2010-2011 Slocan Lake Creel & Angler Survey:

Collecting fishing information from 8 different access points on the lake

2008-present Monthly Water Sampling for temperature and turbidity, incorporated in BC Lake Stewardship Society’s database of BC lakes