President’s Report, November 2012.

President’s Report, November 2012.

(President:  Therese DesCamp)


Thank you.  It’s been an incredible privilege to work as a member of the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society this past year.  I want to start by providing a brief summary of what has happened since the last AGM—and I hope you’re impressed by the amount of work that SLSS volunteers have done this last year!  We will go into this in more detail after the closure of the official meeting, when you’ll be able to hear presentations and ask questions of the specific board members who are responsible for the areas of work.  So this will be a cursory accounting, not a fully detailed transcript.

After I speak about our accomplishments, I want to list our working partners, our funders, and finally read the names of each and every volunteer that we can remember.


Lake Management Plan:

*  Obtained funding for the Imagine! grant, both initial funding to envision the process and then funds to implement the community values study.

*  Collaborated with Redfish School of Change and Lucerne and W.E. Graham schools to test questions in the communities around the lake.

*  Worked with consultant to identify advisory committee members, who helped develop and “test-drive” the survey.

* Publicized survey through information cards, posters, calls, personal reminders, postcards.



* Our SLSS website has received a serious upgrade!

*  We published a newsletter this year.

*  We sponsored the Lake Lies and Fishy Tales program at May Days.

*  We hosted the province-wide BCLSS annual meeting.

*  We write and pay for “Factoids” about the lake in each Valley Voice edition.

*  We worked with a volunteer to develop a riparian area brochure which was printed and distributed to the community.

*  We staffed an information booth at the Garlic Fest, at Water day in Winlaw, and had a concession with our information at Toad Fest.

*  We distributed the safe boating brochure.



*  We worked with CKIPC (Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Council) to develop and design signs for installation at each boat launch on the lake ( Silverton,Rosebery, Bonanza/Hills, Wilson Creek and Wragg Rec.Site)

*  We worked with the young interns from the Invasive Species Council of BC’s Take Action Team who engaged boaters and handed out educational material.  ISCBC also supplied signs for Slocan and New Denver.

*  We wrote grant for Fortis BC funds($2500) for more signs at Summit Lake, three for Slocan River sites and one at Glade.

*  We worked with Slocan Streamkeeperson the river signage project.

*  We participated in the Aquatics Working Group as a member; from this came our veliger testing project as well as cross-border liasons with Idaho Dept of agriculture.)

*  We attended the CKIPC invasive aquatic species workshop in April.

*  We continue Didymo monitoring in Bonanza, Silverton, Wilson creeks; David DeRosa confirms that there is now didymo in each major creek on the lake.

*  We have begun Veliger testing (zebra and quagga mussel zygote) at the Slocan, Silverton, and New Denver boat launches.

*  We worked with Slocan Solutions to develop boat-washing stations.

*  We worked with Arrow Lake Environmental Stewardship Societyto make a presentation to Nakusp Village council re: a donated invasives sign.



*  We obtained funding and volunteer labor for the third year of the three year water study on near-shore and mid-lake (deep water) water quality.

*  We formed a Science committee which has met once, and laid out what needs to happen next in terms of science studies: kokanee monitoring, shore spawning study for next year, archaeological site survey, Species at risk study, Watershed mapping.  We assigned a group to sort out how to fund and prioritize these items.

*  We finished creel survey, as in we finally found someone who could crunch the numbers!  The results were presented to community at the Lake Lies celebration.

*  We did two science nights, where we presented the FFWHA to communities (Slocan and New Denver); we provided hard copies to villages and the regional district.

*  We conducted a Kokanee count in Bonanza Creek.



*  We have responded to a number of issues which we believe would impact lake quality by submitting letters to the appropriate government agencies

*  We established a liaison person on each village council.

*  We met with hospital staff re: concerns about the outflow water quality.



Maggie Raymond on the website.

Kay Ryan on the newsletter.

Wayne Schweitzer, who does our taxes, does mid-lake sampling, and has donated the use of his boat.

David DeRosa has taken over “guardianship” of Summit Lake, he checked for Giant Hogweed and did an aquatic plant survey of Bonanza Marsh (2011), taken responsibility for invasive aquatics in the marsh and set up a partnership with the VWS to continue weed removal and monitoring there, he took invertebrate samples from all the creeks to Toadfest thus providing a great educational opportunity for youth and adults about the lake ecosystem, has committed to organize an annual kokanee count on the main spawning creeks and is on the Science Committee.

Hank Hastings for his initiative on the Carpenter Creek turbidity as well as past dedication to the Creel Survey and water studies.

Jason Hartley and Anita Werner for water sampling, record keeping, and volunteer recruitment.

Tracy Oldham for steady as a rock support for Lake Lies (speaker recruitment and info source).

Wayne and Theresa Gerow for recording the DVD of Lake Lies.

Rod Farnsworth for audio recording of Lake Lies.

Kevin Heshedahl for great work on the Lake Lies posters and programme, plus ongoing layout of the factoids.

Craig Besinque for water sampling.

Jane Murphy for testing and driving water samples.

Kevin Murphy for his role as MC at the BCLSS conference.

Chloe Hartley for driving water samples.

Moraia Grau for writing and designing the Riparian Areas brochure.

Sally Hammond and Randy Cofer for organizing food at multiple SLSS events.

Heather Lesheid for the donation of her travel expenses to the 2011 AGM.

Canoe “rentals” in-kind from Daniel Hellyer, Helen Davis and Silverton Resort.

Jeremy Down for doing mid-lake water studies.

Chris Deighton for his boat rental “inkind” for mid-lake testing.

Ruby Truly for the sound and computer setup and organization of the evening social event at BCLSS.

Nadine Raynolds, Gary Parkstrom, Sean Marechal and the students of Redfish School of Change, and the Lucerne and W.E. Graham high schools for their work on the community values questionnaire.

Gary Wright, Casey Law. Peggy Chatburn, Jody Cliff, Kim Roshinsky, Peter Roulston, Derek Butzner, Debra Sword, Jim Hicks, Sally Hammond, Bob Fuhrer, Lawrence Schiavon, Clarence denBok and Linda Bjerg for their work on the Advisory Council for Imagine! Slocan Lake.



Our Partners This Year:

*  Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee for sign development and donation to Slocan Lake boat launch sites

*  Fortis BC for funds to buy more signs, some of which were installed at Summit Lake and some of which were donated to Slocan Streamkeepers for along Slocan River.

*  Invasive Species Council for signs and student Take Action Team who worked in Slocan and New Denver this summer.

*  BC Hydro Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program for T-shirt concession at Toad Fest.

* Redfish School of Change, Lucerne and W.E. Graham schools

*  International Aquatics Working Group.

*  Red Mountain Road Association and SIFCo on Bannock Point

*  Streamkeepers


*  Slocan Chamber of Commerce

*  Slocan Solutions

*  Arrow Lakes Environmental Stewardship

*  Columbia Watershed Mapping


Our Funders:

BC Hydro Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (t-shirt concession)

BC Hydro Community Information Program (Imagine!)

CBT, Environmental Initiatives Program (water studies)

CBT Community Initiatives Program grants through the villages of New Denver, Silverton, Slocan, and Area H

Rec 6 (Lake Lies)

Fortis (5 signs about invasive species)

CKIPC (5 signs about invasive species)

ISCBC (2 signs about invasive species)

RDCK Area H Discretionary Fund (Walter Popoff) for the initial planning study for Imagine! Slocan Lake

Fortis BC for the plankton net

MoE—loan of a net until we had our own, veliger sampling analysis


Other business:

Leah Main was elected to the board last year but was then appointed to RDCK.  At that point, we realized there was a conflict of interest and she resigned from SLSS.

The issues raised by the community last year have been dealt with in this way:

  • We determined that the OCP has no bylaws attached to it and is, therefore, simply a suggestion rather than a mandate.  Both OCP and LMP will require bylaws.
  • The Turner variance was turned down.  Much assistance was provided by Wayne McCrory and Moraia Grau, for which we were grateful.
  • We met with the hospital administrator and learned that the hospital has a strict protocol for dealing with drugs—they do not go into the water system.  In addition, the clientele are not normally on lots of drugs as it’s not generally an end-of-life facility.  The water has been tested 2x by MoE and determined to be well within limits.
  • The Valhalla Wilderness Society plan for turning the end of the lake into a park, to provide continuity for wildlife between the Valhalla and Goat Peak wildernesses, sounds good and we are most likely willing to support it when there is a plan for us to see: of course, the board will have to make that decision.
  • We have outlined the next studies to be done above.